Elegantly Simple Trademark Filing Software.


Reduce Risk and Maximize Your Workflow Potential with Automation
MarkAssist features built-in MarkComply® requirement checks at every step.
Proprietary software specially designed for law firms and in-house counsel.


Automatic application data and payment data transmittal to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

Access Your Data Anywhere

Work on your trademark applications from any computer, anywhere in the world using MarkAssist cloud software.

Secure Data

We use high-grade AES 256-bit encryption to protect your sensitive data and all access to MarkAssist is encrypted.

Save Your Clients Descriptions

Reduce errors and increase efficiency by saving your clients goods/services descriptions for future use.

Fast Find & Replace Goods/Services

Simply select from the drop down menu a particular curly brace ({ }) item or you can search by customizable keyword and replace all instances.

Paying for Trademarks Made Simple

MarkAssist will automatically pay the government fee (without any human interaction) after the attorney or client electronically signs the application. Saving even more time!

Email Your Clients For e-Signature

Choose client as signator and MarkAssist software will e-mail your client requesting their e-signature.

Auto Upload Multiple Documents

Simply drag and drop your clients specimens and MarkAssist will automatically upload multiple docs.

Collaborate With Your Associates

Your trademark assistant(s) and other in-house lawyers can collaborate on filings.

Reduce Risk and Automate Your Trademark Filings Today
Maximize workflow efficiency and reduce errors.
Designed specifically for attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants.

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