Our Features

Powerful, Time-Saving Trademark Filing Cloud Software.
Built for Law Firms and Corporations.

Our cloud-based software is the first of its kind. It adds unprecedented convenience by saving your clients’ data for future filings and pre-populating ALL needed fields with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. If you file hundreds or even thousands of applications, there’s no telling how much time you will save.

Trademark Filing
The first ever, automated trademark filing software. Never manually copy and paste your clients data ever again!

Access Your Data Anywhere
Work on your trademark applications from any computer
anywhere in the world using MarkAssist cloud software.


More Key Features
We automate the entire process.
A trademark lawyers greatest resource.

  • Add unlimited Attorney users and Assistant users to streamline your application preparation flow.
  • Access your account from anywhere in the world.
  • Save your client’s data for use with future filings.
  • File a Standard Character Claimed trademark or a Stylized/Design trademark.
  • Include additional statements such as a consent form.
  • Choose a classification with help descriptions next to each class.
  • Enter free-text or search pre-defined goods/services descriptions from the manual and append at the click of a button.
  • Find and replace curly brace boilerplate wording or customize and find and replace wording specified by the user.
  • Save your goods/services descriptions for future use.
  • Upload unlimited specimens using simple drag-and-drop technology.
  • Create instant specimen web page screenshots using SiteSnap™.
  • Use specimen help descriptions for scanned, photographed or web page specimens or use your own.
  • Specify first use dates.
  • Review your clients filing before MarkAssist emails the application to your client for e-signature.
  • MarkAssist software will prepare your clients filing using our on-demand AutoPilot™ filing technology.
  • Duplicate a past application filing for even faster future filings.

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